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Did you ever have some information like: "the dog is named Pat, and the father's name is Rede and the mother's name Katie" ?

With the advanced search you can find those dogs, just fill in the information you know, and if that combination is found in the database you will see a list of those dogs that match your criteria or if only one dog is found, you will see the details of that dog.

Please remember though, that knowing a dogs name and the parents names for example is not always enough to make a unique identification of a dog, since another dog with same name could have parents with the same names. Therefore it is always most secure to identify a dog by it's registry number. Still we belive that this advanced search function may be helpfull in many cases.

HELP: Just fill out those fields you know and press "Find Dog". Normally the search will find anything which matches what you wrote in the fields (e.g. searching for "Pat" in name will also find "Hedene Rose Pat"), but if you select the "Exact Match" option, you will only get results where the result exactly matches what you wrote in the text field.